The Climate Justice Organizing Hub is a support structure designed around the needs of grassroots social movement organizers that respects organizers’ knowledge regarding their own challenges and priorities. Through responsive troubleshooting, skills and strategy sharing, and other capacity-building activities, its mission is to help organizers find their way to building a critical mass of engaged people who are working towards a just transition.

The Hub serves as a movement help line. You ask us your questions, you identify problems that are blocking the group from moving forward, and we help you find resources that will allow you to move forward. Here are some concrete ways that the Hub operates to serve its mission as a movement helpline:

1. Group ‘first aid’ and gap-filling hub

Organizers are at the center of this, guiding us with their challenges, pain points and strategic questions. In response to their expressed needs, resource people and movement-aware specialists are engaged by the Hub to work directly with organizers to try and work through issues that are holding back capacity and movement-building progress. 

2. Organizing knowledge hub

Organizers are at the center of this, guiding us with their challenges, pain points and strategic questions. In response to their expressed needs, a Hub ‘librarian’ is assembling a body of learning on best practices in climate justice /progressive organizing and mobilizing strategy drawing from field experience of campaigners from around the world as well as leading researchers in this space. We will work with organizers to find dynamic and accessible ways of passing on the resources they have asked us to assemble, all depending on the group and community of practice’s needs (podcast format, videoconference in which we summarize the major learnings, translation of a written guide…)

3. Community of practice for organizers/mobilizers and supporting organizations

The Hub has created virtual (and eventually real convening) spaces to bring organizers and those working in movement-generous supporting organizations together to share field experience and work on common challenges. The Hub also engages guest visits from leading organizers in other countries (ex. Sunrise Movement folks) and bring in veteran organizers to speak to the long game of building power from other historical social movements including feminist activism, LGBTQ2S+ rights and Indigenous rights movements. The community of practice is the principal way the Hub delivers on its promise to receive and respond to organizers’ questions and problems.

Funding and governance

Funding for the Hub is entirely provided by Canadian philanthropic foundations. The Hub is formally a project of the Small Change Fund, an Ontario-based charity organization.

The Hub’s team includes Founding Director Tom Liacas and National Director Jacqueline Lee-Tam. The wider team of trainers and facilitators includes Naomi Bénéteau Goldberg, Zoyanne Côté, Lourdenie Jean, Olepika Takpanie Kiguktak, Louis Ramirez and Tasnim Rekik. Our Vision Team Advisor is Amara Possian.

The Hub will soon convene a Movement Council that will include representatives from grassroots climate justice organizations, NGOs that do movement support and also groups that represent intersectional struggles within the broader climate justice frame.


The world we want - In broad strokes

A world of fair, inclusive and caring societies, where white supremacy and patriarchy are things of the past and where people can live free from colonialism, exploitation and inequality, in all of its forms.

A world where our societies operate in respect of the resource limits of the earth and support the survival of all forms of life. Where no population extracts and consumes an inordinate amount at the expense of others and one where all people, wherever they live, are protected from the effects of climate change and resource depletion.


To make Climate Justice a priority, we need sweeping changes to current systems — cultural, political and economic — and we need them quickly, because time is running out.

For such big change to happen, social science tells us we need the active, engaged and sustained participation of over one million people across Canada. 

Thankfully, a new generation of grassroots and decentralized organizers is building the networks we will need. This work is draining, however, and these organizers will need help to sustain themselves and the movements they are building.

The Climate Justice Organizing Hub aims to become a stable, nurturing and generative network that supports decentralized organizing and ensures the sustainability of grassroots movements by addressing organizers’ first-order challenges and offering strategic and material resources to support their work.​​​​​​​

Grassroots organizers already have the vision and the energy. With stable and ongoing support, we believe they can get the job done.

Data security

How we collect and use personal data

The HUB has a firm commitment to internet privacy and digital security. You can visit our website without telling us who you are. The only time we collect your personal data (your name and email address) is when you voluntarily sign up for one of our trainings or conferences on our website, at which point you are added to our Mailchimp email list so you can receive updates on the training and other opportunities the HUB is offering. At anytime, you may unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of our emails. We will never share your personal data, and the only place we store it is on Mailchimp.

How we keep your personal information safe

We want to assure you that any information we gather remains confidential and will be stored securely on end-to-end encrypted documents that will not be made public. Your identity, as well as that of the group, will always be kept secured and not shared with anyone without your consent.

We may gather together a series of anonymized trends regarding the needs of grassroots groups to share with funders and other nonprofit organizations that support climate justice but your names or your group names will never be associated with data in any reporting without your consent.

Our security measures include using end-to-end encrypted platforms with trusted digital security practices to communicate and store information. Access to information is limited to only those who have an organizational need to know. Two-factor authentication is required for all of our Mailchimp list admins. Finally, Hub staff are briefed on digital security and their responsibilities to safeguard personal data.