Vision and TOC

The world we want —
In broad strokes

A world of fair, inclusive and caring societies, where white supremacy and patriarchy are things of the past and where people can live free from colonialism, exploitation and inequality, in all of its forms.

A world where our societies operate in respect of the resource limits of the earth and support the survival of all forms of life. Where no population extracts and consumes an inordinate amount at the expense of others and one where all people, wherever they live, are protected from the effects of climate change and resource depletion.

hands joined in solidarity

Theory of Change

To make Climate Justice a priority, we need sweeping changes to current systems—cultural, political and economic—and we need them quickly, because time is running out.
For such big change to happen, social science tells us we need the active, engaged and sustained participation of over one million people across Canada.

Thankfully, a new generation of grassroots and decentralized organizers is building the networks we will need. This work is draining, however, and these organizers will need help to sustain themselves and the movements they are building.

The Climate Justice Organizing HUB aims to become a stable, nurturing and generative network that supports decentralized organizing and ensures the sustainability of grassroots movements by addressing organizers’ first-order challenges and offering strategic and material resources to support their work.

Grassroots organizers already have the vision and the energy. With stable and ongoing support, we believe they can get the job done.