Data Security

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How we collect
and use personal data

The HUB is aware of its responsibility as an organization that engages organizers in regular consultations and centralizes notes and contact information on all of the above. With this role and responsibility in mind, we have a firm commitment to internet privacy and digital security.

We want to assure you that any information we gather through consultations and exchanges remains confidential and will be stored securely on end-to-end encrypted documents that will not be made public. Your identity, as well as that of the group, will always be kept secured and not shared with anyone without your consent.

We may gather together a series of anonymized trends regarding the needs of grassroots groups to share with funders and other nonprofit organizations that support climate justice but your names or your group names will never be associated with data in any reporting without your consent.

You can visit our website without telling us who you are. Aside from direct exchanges with our team, the only time we collect your personal data (your name and email address) is when you voluntarily sign up for one of our trainings or conferences on our website, at which point you are added to our Mailchimp email list so you can receive updates on the training and other opportunities the HUB is offering. At any time, you may unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of our emails.

How we keep your personal information safe

Our security measures include using end-to-end encrypted platforms with trusted digital security practices to communicate with each other and to store information gathered through exchanges. Access to information is limited to only those who have an organizational need to know. Two-factor authentication is required for all of our Mailchimp list admins. Finally, HUB staff are briefed on digital security and their responsibilities to safeguard personal data.