1. Tailored workshops and coaching sessions

Drawing on the knowledge of trusted movement practitioners, we provide workshops covering topics such as group structure, collaborative strategizing, digital organizing, community care, breaking the burnout cycle, and transformative justice. Over the past year, these topics have emerged again and again in our conversations with grassroots organizers. Sign up to access full info on upcoming workshops and registration links.

For private group workshop requests, we require at least 4 weeks’ lead time in order to coordinate with our trainers and consult with you and your group to make sure the offering fits your needs.

2. Organizing knowledge library

Organizers are at the center of this, guiding us with their challenges, pain points and strategic questions. In response to their expressed needs, a HUB ‘librarian’ is assembling a body of learning on best practices in climate justice /progressive organizing and mobilizing strategy drawing from field experience of campaigners from around the world as well as leading researchers in this space. We will work with organizers to find dynamic and accessible ways of passing on the resources they have asked us to assemble, all depending on the group and community of practice’s needs (podcast format, videoconference in which we summarize the major learnings, translation of a written guide…)

3. Community of practice for organizers/mobilizers and supporting organizations

The HUB creates virtual (and eventually real convening) spaces to bring organizers and those working in movement-generous supporting organizations together to share field experience and work on common challenges. The HUB also engages guest visits from leading organizers in other countries (ex. Sunrise Movement folks) and bring in veteran organizers to speak to the long game of building power from other social movements including feminist activism, LGBTQ2S+ rights and Indigenous rights movements. The community of practice is the principal way the HUB delivers on its promise to receive and respond to organizers’ questions and problems.

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